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Find Shih Tzu Breeders: Top Choices for 2023

Ready for a furry addition? Find shih tzu breeders that match your needs.


Are you in the market for a fluffy and adorable Shih Tzu puppy? Well, before you start scrolling through endless pages of classified ads online or heading to your nearest pet store, it’s crucial to understand the importance of finding a reputable breeder. Sure, you might be able to find a cheaper option elsewhere, but the risks are too high when it comes to your future furry friend’s health and temperament. Firstly, let’s talk about what makes Shih Tzus so special. These little pups originated in China and were bred specifically for royalty. They’re known for their long and silky hair, flat faces, and affectionate personalities. Shih Tzus are also great family dogs since they love attention and enjoy being around people. However, as with any breed that has gained popularity over time, there are always those who are more interested in making money than ensuring the well-being of their animals. This is where reputable breeders come into play. A responsible breeder will prioritize the health of their dogs over profit and will make sure each puppy goes to a loving home. Nowadays, it can be challenging to differentiate between genuine breeders and those who prioritize profit over animal welfare. That’s why this article is here to provide tips on how to find reputable Shih Tzu breeders so that you can avoid ending up with an unhealthy or poorly socialized dog. Trust me; investing time in finding a reputable breeder will pay off in the long run by providing you with a companion that will bring joy into your life for years to come!

How to Research Shih Tzu Breeders

Finding a reputable Shih Tzu breeder can be a daunting task, but there are several ways to go about it. One way is to utilize the power of the internet. There are many websites that list Shih Tzu breeders in your area, complete with contact information and breeder history. Some of the most popular websites include PuppyFinder, Next Day Pets, and AKC Marketplace. Another way to research Shih Tzu breeders is to check online reviews and ratings on websites like Yelp or Google Reviews. These sites allow customers to provide feedback on their experiences with different breeders, including the quality of their breeding practices and customer service. While online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, they can still provide valuable insight into what you can expect from a particular breeder. In addition to utilizing online resources, contacting local Shih Tzu clubs or organizations can also be helpful in finding reputable breeders. Many clubs and organizations have networks of trusted breeders that they recommend to potential buyers. They may also have resources available such as lists of upcoming dog shows where you can meet reputable breeders in person. It’s important to do your due diligence when researching potential Shih Tzu breeders. Take the time to read through reviews and conduct thorough research before contacting any breeders directly.

Utilizing Online Resources

There are many online resources available for researching potential Shih Tzu breeders in your area. One popular resource is PuppyFinder, which allows users to search for puppies by location and see breeder profiles complete with pictures and information about their breeding practices. Next Day Pets is another popular website that connects buyers with reputable dog breeders across the country. The site lets you browse through listings of available puppies by location and even provides information on each breeder’s history. AKC Marketplace is also a great resource for finding reputable Shih Tzu breeders. This website allows you to search for puppies by location and breed, and provides information on each breeder’s history and experience.

Checking Breeder Reviews and Ratings

Once you have identified potential Shih Tzu breeders using online resources, it’s important to check their reviews and ratings before contacting them directly. Websites like Yelp and Google Reviews allow customers to provide feedback on their experiences with different breeders. While it’s important to take all reviews with a grain of salt, reading through both positive and negative feedback can provide valuable insight into the breeder’s reputation and customer service. It’s also a good idea to ask the breeder directly about any negative reviews or concerns that you may have.

Contacting Local Shih Tzu Clubs or Organizations

Another way to find reputable Shih Tzu breeders is by contacting local clubs or organizations dedicated to the breed. These groups often have networks of trusted breeders that they recommend to potential buyers. They may also offer resources such as lists of upcoming dog shows where you can meet reputable breeders in person. When contacting these organizations, be sure to ask for recommendations based on your specific needs. For example, if you’re looking for a show-quality dog, ask about recommended breeders who specialize in competition-level breeding. By utilizing these resources, you can improve your chances of finding a reputable Shih Tzu breeder who will provide you with a healthy, happy puppy that will be a lifelong companion.

Questions to Ask Potential Breeders

Once you’ve found a few potential Shih Tzu breeders, it’s essential to ask them some important questions to ensure that they are reputable and right for you. Here are some questions to ask:

Inquiring about the breeder’s experience with Shih Tzus and breeding in general

The first question you should ask the breeder is about their experience with Shih Tzus and breeding in general. This will help you determine how knowledgeable they are about caring for these dogs, training them, and breeding them responsibly. A good breeder will be happy to tell you all about their experience and share stories about their dogs. It’s also worth asking if they specialize in any specific type of Shih Tzu, such as show dogs or family pets. This can give you an idea of their priorities as a breeder.

Asking about the health history of the dog’s lineage

The health of your future pet is crucial, so it’s essential to ask the breeder about the health history of their dog’s lineage. You should inquire if any hereditary diseases or conditions run in their bloodline and what measures they take to prevent these issues from being passed down. A reputable breeder will be open and honest with you about any potential health concerns that may arise over time. Remember that even with responsible breeding practices, no dog is entirely immune to health issues, but a good breeder will do everything possible to ensure that their pups have a healthy start in life.

Requesting references from previous customers

If a breeder claims that they have satisfied customers who are willing to refer them, then requesting references should not be an issue. Any reputable breeder must have a list of happy customers who are willing to vouch for the quality of their pups and services. You can ask the breeder to provide you with contact information of previous customers, so you can get in touch with them and ask about their experience. It’s always good to hear from people who have gone through the process before, and they may be able to offer you some valuable insights that can help you make your decision.

Other important questions

Other questions that are worth asking include:
  • What kind of food do they feed their dogs?
  • What kind of socialization do they provide for their puppies?
  • Do they offer any kind of health guarantee or support after you bring your puppy home?
Take your time when choosing a breeder, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. A reputable breeder will be happy to answer them all and provide you with all the information you need.

Visiting the Breeder

Visiting the breeder is one of the most important steps in finding a reputable Shih Tzu breeder. It’s essential to take the time to meet with the breeder in person and see their operation firsthand. When you arrive, make sure that you take a look around at everything. The conditions should be clean and safe for both puppies and parent dogs.

Observing the Living Conditions of the Dogs

Take some time to observe the living conditions of both parent dogs and puppies when you visit a potential breeder. Look for any signs that may indicate neglect or poor care, such as dirty cages or lack of food and water. Puppies should have access to toys, bedding, and appropriate food. Ask to see where the puppies are kept and observe their behavior. Healthy puppies should be active, playful, and curious about their surroundings. They should be well-socialized with people and other animals.

Meeting the Puppies and Their Parents

Meeting both parent dogs can give you an idea of what your puppy will look like when they grow up. You can also get a feel for their temperament by observing how they interact with people and other dogs. Meeting your puppy’s parents can also help identify potential health issues that may arise in your dog later on. When meeting your potential new furry friend, take note on how they greet you – wagging tails are always a good sign! Make sure they appear healthy-looking; shiny coats without bald patches or rashes are positive indicators.

Asking Any Remaining Questions or Concerns

Don’t hesitate to ask any remaining questions or concerns during your visit with the breeder. They should be more than willing to answer them openly and transparently – especially if they’re reputable breeders! Ask about health guarantees for your new pet, vaccinations they may have had, and any potential health issues in your puppy’s lineage. Make sure the breeder is willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you. Their openness will help ease any concerns or worries that you may have, and it’ll give you peace of mind knowing that you’re making an informed decision about where your new furry friend comes from.


Overall, visiting a breeder is an essential part of the process when looking for a Shih Tzu puppy. Before making a final decision on which breeder to choose, it’s crucial to take the time to visit their facility, observe living conditions and meet both parent dogs. Remember that reputable breeders will be more than happy to show off their operation and answer any questions or concerns you might have. By following these tips on how to find reputable Shih Tzu breeders, we hope that we’ve provided useful insight into what it takes to find a healthy pet through responsible breeding practices. Making informed decisions about where your new pet comes from will ensure they are healthy and happy for many years!


Recap of tips for finding reputable Shih Tzu breeders

Finding a responsible and reputable breeder is crucial for both you and your future pet. When searching for the perfect Shih Tzu breeder, it’s important to do your research and ask the right questions. By utilizing online resources, checking breeder reviews and ratings, contacting local organizations, inquiring about the breeder’s experience with Shih Tzus, asking about health history, requesting references from previous customers, visiting the breeder in person, observing the living conditions of the dogs, meeting puppies and their parents while asking any remaining questions or concerns; you can ensure that you find a trustworthy Shih Tzu breeder.

Emphasize importance of finding a responsible breeder for both you and your future pet

By finding a reputable Shih Tzu breeder who is dedicated to producing healthy dogs with excellent temperaments through responsible breeding practices, you will be able to enjoy many happy years with your new furry family member. A good breeder will also provide support throughout the life of your dog. They will be able to answer any questions that may arise and ensure that their puppies are placed in loving homes that are well equipped to care for them. While there may be cheaper options available when looking for a new dog; it is important to remember that cutting corners now could result in heartache down the line if health issues arise or behavioral problems develop. By investing time into researching breeders who operate ethically and responsibly rather than choosing convenience over quality; you can rest easy knowing that your new companion was bred with care and consideration. ; locating reputable Shih Tzu breeders may require some effort on your part but it is well worth it in the end. Keep these tips in mind when searching for a new furry friend; remember to stay patient and don’t be afraid to ask questions. By taking the time to find a responsible breeder, you will be rewarded with a happy and healthy addition to your family for many years to come.

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