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320+ Cat Names from A-Z | 2023 Edition

Naming a kitty can be fun but also daunting. Dive into the world of cat names and discover the perfect match for your feline buddy.

Choosing the Perfect Name 

As any cat owner knows, cats are not just pets; they are members of the family. They bring us joy, comfort, and companionship. Therefore, choosing the perfect name for your feline friend is essential to establish a strong bond with them.

A name is more than just a label; it’s a way to show our love and affection for our furry companions. A well-thought-out name can reflect your cat’s personality or characteristics, making them feel special and unique.

Plus, having an adorable name for your cat will make them stand out among their feline peers. However, with so many options out there, choosing the right name can be daunting.

That’s where this article comes in! We’ve compiled 320+ adorable cat names to help you find the perfect one for your feline friend.

320+ Adorable Cat Names for Every Type of Feline Friend

No matter what kind of cat you have – fluffy or sleek, playful or calm – this list has something that will suit them perfectly. We’ve categorized our suggestions into classic names that never go out of style and more modern names inspired by pop culture and nature. If you’re looking for something food-inspired or color-based to match your kitty’s coat, we’ve got you covered there too!

And if you’re feeling adventurous and want a unique and uncommon name that stands out from the crowd – we’ve got plenty of those on our list as well. So sit back, relax, and let us help you find an adorable name that will make your feline companion feel like royalty!

Absolutely, here’s a list of 320+ adorable and boujee cat names for your feline companion:

  1. Abby
  2. Ace
  3. Addie
  4. Alaska
  5. Amber
  6. Amethyst
  7. Angel
  8. Apollo
  9. Archie
  10. Ariel
  11. Ash
  12. Aspen
  13. Astro
  14. Athena
  15. Atlas
  16. Autumn
  17. Ava
  18. Azura
  19. Bailey
  20. Bandit
  21. Bane
  22. Basil
  23. Bear
  24. Bella
  25. Benny
  26. Binx
  27. Blaze
  28. Blossom
  29. Blue
  30. Boomer
  31. Boots
  32. Breezy
  33. Bubbles
  34. Buck
  35. Buddy
  36. Butterscotch
  37. Button
  38. Cali
  39. Callie
  40. Caramel
  41. Casper
  42. Cassie
  43. Cece
  44. Cedar
  45. Charlie
  46. Chase
  47. Cherry
  48. Chewie
  49. Chico
  50. Chloe
  51. Cinnamon
  52. Cleo
  53. Cloud
  54. Clover
  55. Coco
  56. Comet
  57. Cooper
  58. Coral
  59. Cosmo
  60. Cream
  61. Cricket
  62. Crystal
  63. Cuddles
  64. Cupcake
  65. Daisy
  66. Dallas
  67. Dash
  68. Dawn
  69. Delilah
  70. Delta
  71. Diamond
  72. Dixie
  73. Dobby
  74. Domino
  75. Dot
  76. Dottie
  77. Dove
  78. Draco
  79. Duchess
  80. Duke
  81. Dusty
  82. Echo
  83. Eden
  84. Elf
  85. Elmo
  86. Elsa
  87. Ember
  88. Emerald
  89. Emma
  90. Everest
  91. Faith
  92. Fang
  93. Felix
  94. Fern
  95. Figaro
  96. Finn
  97. Fiona
  98. Flash
  99. Flip
  100. Flo
  101. Fluffy
  102. Forrest
  103. Frankie
  104. Freckles
  105. Freddy
  106. Freya
  107. Frost
  108. Fudge
  109. Gabriel
  110. Galaxy
  111. Gemini
  112. Genesis
  113. Gigi
  114. Ginger
  115. Gizmo
  116. Goldie
  117. Grace
  118. Gracie
  119. Granite
  120. Gray
  121. Greenie
  122. Gypsy
  123. Halo
  124. Harmony
  125. Hazel
  126. Heath
  127. Heidi
  128. Hercules
  129. Hero
  130. Hiccup
  131. Holly
  132. Honey
  133. Hope
  134. Hunter
  135. Ice
  136. Icy
  137. India
  138. Indigo
  139. Ivy
  140. Jack
  141. Jade
  142. Jasmine
  143. Jasper
  144. Jax
  145. Jazz
  146. Jellybean
  147. Jester
  148. Jinx
  149. Joey
  150. Joy
  151. Jumper
  152. Juniper
  153. Kali
  154. Karma
  155. Katie
  156. Kiki
  157. Kiwi
  158. Kobe
  159. Koda
  160. Kona
  161. Lacey
  162. Lady
  163. Lagoon
  164. Lark
  165. Leo
  166. Levi
  167. Lexi
  168. Lilo
  169. Lily
  170. Lobo
  171. Lola
  172. Louie
  173. Luna
  174. Lush
  175. Lux
  176. Lyric
  177. Mabel
  178. Mac
  179. Macy
  180. Maddie
  181. Magic
  182. Magnolia
  183. Major
  184. Mango
  185. Maple
  186. Marley
  187. Mars
  188. Marshmallow
  189. Maverick
  190. Max
  191. Maya
  192. Meadow
  193. Melody
  194. Merlin
  195. Mia
  196. Midnight
  197. Mika
  198. Milo
  199. Mimi
  200. Mira
  201. Mistletoe
  202. Misty
  203. Mochi
  204. Mocha
  205. Moon
  206. Moose
  207. Mosaic
  208. Mouse
  209. Muffin
  210. Munchkin
  211. Mystic
  212. Nacho
  213. Nala
  214. Nemo
  215. Nero
  216. Niblet
  217. Nika
  218. Nimbus
  219. Ninja
  220. Nino
  221. Nova
  222. Nugget
  223. Oakley
  224. Oasis
  225. Ocean
  226. Olive
  227. Oliver
  228. Onyx
  229. Opal
  230. Oreo
  231. Orion
  232. Oscar
  233. Otto
  234. Ozzy
  235. Panda
  236. Patch
  237. Paws
  238. Peaches
  239. Peanut
  240. Pearl
  241. Pebble
  242. Pecan
  243. Penny
  244. Pepper
  245. Periwinkle
  246. Perry
  247. Phoebe
  248. Pippin
  249. Piper
  250. Pixie
  251. Pluto
  252. Pogo
  253. Poppy
  254. Prince
  255. Princess
  256. Puma
  257. Pumpkin
  258. Quinn
  259. Rain
  260. Rainbow
  261. Raisin
  262. Raven
  263. Reese
  264. Reggie
  265. Remy
  266. Rhea
  267. Riley
  268. River
  269. Rocket
  270. Rocky
  271. Rogue
  272. Romeo
  273. Roo
  274. Rose
  275. Ruby
  276. Rumble
  277. Rusty
  278. Sable
  279. Sage
  280. Salem
  281. Sam
  282. Sammy
  283. Sapphire
  284. Sassy
  285. Savannah
  286. Scooter
  287. Scout
  288. Shadow
  289. Shimmer
  290. Simba
  291. Slinky
  292. Smokey
  293. Snow
  294. Snowball
  295. Snowflake
  296. Socks
  297. Sonnet
  298. Sparkle
  299. Spots
  300. Sprinkle
  301. Star
  302. Stella
  303. Storm
  304. Stripes
  305. Suki
  306. Summer
  307. Sunny
  308. Sushi
  309. Sweetie
  310. Taz
  311. Teddy
  312. Tessa
  313. Thunder
  314. Tigger
  315. Tinkerbell
  316. Titan
  317. Toby
  318. Tofu
  319. Tux
  320. Twix
  321. Typhoon
  322. Valentine
  323. Velvet
  324. Vixen
  325. Willow
  326. Whiskers
  327. Whisper
  328. Wicket
  329. Widget
  330. Wiley
  331. Willow
  332. Wink
  333. Winston
  334. Wisp
  335. Wolf
  336. Wren
  337. Xander
  338. Xena
  339. Xerxes
  340. Yara
  341. Yarn
  342. Yasmine
  343. Yoda
  344. Yoko
  345. Yoshi
  346. Yuki
  347. Yukon
  348. Zane
  349. Zara
  350. Zeke
  351. Zen
  352. Zephyr
  353. Zeus
  354. Ziggy
  355. Zinnia
  356. Zion
  357. Zoe
  358. Zorro
  359. Zulu

Top Classic Cat Names

Cats have been domesticated for centuries, and through the ages, certain names have become classics that never go out of style. Here are some classic cat names that you can never go wrong with:


This name is perfect for a brave and regal-looking feline. Simba means “lion” in Swahili, and it gained popularity after the release of Disney’s “The Lion King.” It’s perfect for cats with golden or orange coats that resemble a lion’s mane.


This is an obvious choice for cats with prominent whiskers, which all felines have. This name is short, sweet, and easy to remember. It’s also gender-neutral and works well for both female and male cats.


Mittens is another classic cat name that has been used for generations. It works especially well for cats with white paws that look like they’re wearing mittens. Mittens also has a sweet connotation that perfectly suits most felines.


Tiger is another popular name choice for cats, especially those with bold stripes or a fierce personality. This powerful name evokes images of strength and agility, making it perfect for active kittens who love to play.

No matter which classic cat name you choose, it’s sure to stand the test of time. These names are timeless classics because they’re simple yet elegant.

Top Pop Culture Cat Names

Cats have been a staple in pop culture for decades, and there’s no shortage of great names inspired by movies, TV shows, books, and even video games. If you’re a fan of pop culture and want to give your kitty a name that reflects your interests, look no further than this list of adorable cat names.


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, the name Luna is sure to be near the top of your list. Luna Lovegood is one of the most beloved characters in the series, known for her quirky personality and deep loyalty to her friends. Naming your cat after Luna is a great way to pay homage to J.K. Rowling’s magical world.


If you grew up reading comic strips in the newspaper, chances are you’re familiar with Garfield. This lovable orange tabby has been entertaining readers since 1978 and is still going strong today. Naming your cat after Garfield is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.


For fans of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Salem is the perfect feline name. Salem Saberhagen was a wisecracking black cat who provided some much-needed comedic relief on the show. If your cat has an attitude similar to Salem’s, this name might be perfect for them!


If you’re a fan of How To Train Your Dragon or just love dragons in general, Toothless might be the perfect name for your feline friend. Toothless is Hiccup’s trusty dragon companion who captured hearts all over the world with his adorable antics.


Studio Ghibli produced many animated films, and the movie Spirited Away is one of their most popular. Chihiro is the lead character in the movie and is a young girl who discovers a mysterious world that she must navigate through.

Naming your cat after Chihiro can reflect their curious nature or love for adventure. These are just a few examples of pop culture cat names, but the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars, Game of Thrones, or even video games like The Legend of Zelda, there’s sure to be a name that fits your feline friend perfectly. Get creative and have fun with it – after all, naming your cat should be an enjoyable experience!

Best Food-Inspired Cat Names

Looking for a way to show your love for your furry friend and food at the same time? Why not choose a food-inspired name for your cat? Here are some tasty options:


Cupcake, Brownie, Tiramisu – all sweet names that would be perfect for a sweet cat. Other options include Cookie, Pudding and Sundae.

Fruits & Berries

If you’re looking for something fresh and fruity, why not consider Raspberry, Strawberry or Mango? These fruity names can reflect the playfulness of your feline friend.

Baked Goods

Biscuit, Bagel and Muffin are great options if you want to name your feline companion after breakfast foods. These names can also represent how warm and cozy cats can be when they curl up next to you on the couch on a Sunday morning.

Spices & Herbs

If you are looking for something more savory or spicy, consider Sage, Cinnamon or Nutmeg. These spice-inspired names evoke warmth and comfort (and could even make you hungry!).

No matter which food category suits your taste buds (or your cat’s), it’s important to remember that certain foods may cause allergies in some animals. Consult with a veterinarian if necessary.

Finding the right name is key in properly identifying with one another as pet-owner duo. Take time in choosing the perfect name that reflects your kitty’s personality – whether playful or calm – have fun with it!

Best Nature-Themed Cat Names

For the nature-loving pet owners out there, what’s a better way to name your feline friend than by opting for a nature-themed name? These names are inspired by the beauty of flora, fauna and landscapes around us, and can often reflect your cat’s personality or physical characteristics.


The Willow tree is known for its slender branches that sway in the wind. If you have a feline friend who is equally graceful and moves elegantly, then Willow might be the perfect choice. It’s also a unique alternative to some of the more common nature names like Daisy or Rose.


Ivy is another popular nature-themed name option for cats. It’s short, simple and has an air of mysteriousness about it. The plant itself is known for its climbing ability, so if your cat loves to climb on furniture or jump from high places, Ivy could be a fitting choice.


The Aspen tree has distinct leaves that rustle in even the slightest breeze. If you have a playful and energetic feline friend who loves to run around and make noise, naming them after this tree would be quite fitting. Plus, it’s not as common as some other tree names like Oak or Maple.

Luna Moth

If you’re looking for something more unique than just using the name of a plant or tree as inspiration, consider naming your cat after an animal that resides in nature such as Luna Moth. This beautiful creature can only be found at night under moonlight making it a great option if your feline friend has striking eyes that shine brightly in low light. When choosing nature-themed names for our furry friends we’re inspired by the beauty around us in nature.

It’s important to take into account your cat’s personality, physical characteristics, and behavior before making a decision. Whether you choose a common name like Willow or go for something more uncommon like Luna Moth, it’s certain to be a unique reflection of your pet’s one-of-a-kind qualities.

Colorful Cat Names

Before diving into colorful cat names, it’s important to consider your feline friend’s coat color. Some colors lend themselves well to certain names, while others might clash or not make sense.

For example, a white cat might be best suited for a name like Snowball or Marshmallow. A black cat could be named Midnight or Shadow.

A calico could be named Patchwork or Mosaic. Keep this in mind as you peruse the following list of colorful cat names.


This name is perfect for a gray or blue-colored cat. Blueberry is a cute and playful name that conjures up images of sweetness and fun.


Ginger is an obvious choice for orange-colored cats, but it can also work for cats with reddish-brown fur. This name has a warm and inviting feel to it, making it perfect for friendly felines.


Pumpkin is another great choice for orange-colored cats, but it can also work for cats with brownish-orange fur. This name has a cozy and festive vibe that’s perfect for autumn-loving cats.


As mentioned earlier, Midnight is a great name for black cats. It has an air of mystery and elegance that suits these dark-coated felines perfectly.


Cinnamon is a sweet and spicy name that works well for brown-colored cats with hints of red or orange in their fur. It’s a unique and memorable moniker that will set your feline friend apart from the crowd.


Lemonade is an adorable name for yellow or light-orange colored cats. It’s an unexpected but delightful choice that’s sure to bring a smile to your face every time you call out to your kitty.


If your cat has a coat with multiple colors, or if they have a colorful and vibrant personality, Rainbow might be the perfect name for them. This name is playful and cheerful, just like your beloved feline friend.


Choosing the right name for your cat can be a fun and rewarding experience. By considering their coat color and personality traits, you can find a moniker that’s as unique and special as they are. Whether you choose one of the colorful names listed above or come up with something entirely different, remember that what matters most is the love and affection you share with your feline friend.

Unique & Uncommon Cat Names

Celestial Cat Names

For a one-of-a-kind cat name, consider celestial names like Zephyr or Nimbus. These names come from the skies and are perfect for your feline friend with a sky-blue coat. Zephyr is the Greek god of the west wind, while Nimbus means “cloud” in Latin.

Another unique option is Vega, which is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra. It’s a great choice for a cat with a sparkling personality.

Mythological Cat Names

If you’re looking for an uncommon name that’s also powerful and exotic, look no further than mythological cat names like Anubis or Bastet. Anubis was an ancient Egyptian god associated with mummification and the afterlife, while Bastet was another Egyptian goddess associated with fertility and motherhood.

Another great option is Odin, named after the Norse god of wisdom and war. This name would be perfect for a wise old cat who still has plenty of spunk.

Nature-Inspired Cat Names

For something truly unique, consider nature-inspired cat names like Fjord or Glacier. Fjord refers to a narrow inlet of water between steep cliffs, while Glacier is perfect for a white-furred cat who loves to cuddle up in cold weather. Other options include Aspen or Sequoia for cats with tall and majestic personalities.

Historical Cat Names

Historical figures can provide some great inspiration for unique cat names as well. Consider Attila or Genghis Khan – both were fierce conquerors known throughout history. Or try Napoleon or Cleopatra if you’re looking for something more regal.

Names based on historical events can also be interesting choices – Pearl Harbor or D-Day could make for a memorable cat name. Choosing an uncommon name for your feline friend can be a fun and creative way to showcase their personality.

Whether you choose a celestial, mythological, nature-inspired, or historical name, make sure it fits your cat’s unique qualities and characteristics. You never know – your cat might just end up having the most interesting name in the neighborhood!


There are many ways to find inspiration for your cat’s name. Whether you decide on a classic cat name, a pop culture reference, or a unique and quirky name, the most important thing is that it fits the personality of your feline friend.

Naming your furry companion after a famous cat character or real-life celebrity can be fun and creative but also an excellent way to honor their legacy. Regardless of which direction you choose to go in, remember that your cat’s name is an essential part of their identity and will stay with them forever.

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